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Top Free Mobile Recharge Earning Sites And Tricks Without Giving Money

free recharge sites
free recharge sites and tricks

                        In today's life nothing is free.We have to work hard to make money and after the invention of mobile phone,our many hard earned money goes for mobile recharge but today I will share with some good free recharge sites with some trick.So that you can easily earn free mobile recharge and save your hard earn money.I assured you that you don't have to pay any money for this free recharge sites.This sites support almost all telecoms company like

 Artel,Aircel,Vodafone.Reliance,Mts,Bsnl,Idea etc. always use this sites for my free recharges.You will earn money by regular log in,referring friends,playing quizzes etc.

You don't need any bank account or credit cards for this recharge.So it is very easy to earn money from this sites .

At first sign up each and every free mobile recharge sites then do regular activities like paying quiz,complete survey,offer.You will earn minimum 50-100 rupees free mobile recharge each month.So below I am giving you all free recharge sites.

Earn Free Recharge By AMULYAM:



This site is ruling free recharge sites almost 4 years and giving almost 2.5 crore money as a mobile recharge.You can say this site "A king of free recharge site".So this site is number 1 free recharge sites.It supports prepaid and postpaid mobile subscribers on all Indian telecoms operators.It gives lightning fast recharge.Minimum amount of recharge is 10 rupees.

Free recharge tricks of amulyam:  




a)  You can get money by daily log in in Amulyam.You can earn 0.07 to 0.10 paisa daily for just log in in Amulyam

b) You will earn free recharge by playing trivia.Just say true or false.whether it is right or wrong you will get 0.50 paise everyday for playing it

c) Another guaranteed money is vocabulary builder.After learning 15 words 0.50 paisa will be directly credited in your account.So it is also cool!

d) We all love to know Gk.If you love Gk then play amulyam contest.You can Bolllywood,Hollywood,spots etc whatever you know very well.When you answer all the question,you will earn 0.70 to 10 rupees.

e) You will also get money by creating Gk contest.If you have a good knowledge about Gk then create a good contest and submit it.After few days they will verify your quiz and if your quiz is accepted then you will earn 0.30 to 5.00 rupees

f) Another awesome way to earn is referring will earn 5.00 rupees per referring friends.

g) Amulyam some time give you some easy offer to earn quick money like download something or survey etc.After completing this offer you can earn 1.00 to 50.00 rupees or more.

h) You can also make money by uploading funny picture.You will get 0.25 rupees if the picture will approved.

I think it is enough to make 30 to 50 rupees easily :)

                                 >>>>>>>      SIGN UP AMULYAM  <<<<<<<<

Earn Free Recharge By Laaptu:

If you love competition in quiz,games then you will love laaptu.1.5 million people already using this site so you can understand how much legitable is this site.The 2nd best free recharge legit sites laaptu.You can earn upto 50-60 rupees per month in laaptu by doing daily activities.If you want to update your current Gk knowledge then laaptu is best site for you.Laaptu will give you instant and electrifying recharge.Also minimum amount of recharge is 10rupees.

Free recharge tricks of laaptu:

a) You can earn money by daily log in.It  is great.You can earn 0.10 paisa every day log in.

b) Just take part in Fun quiz.whether you give right or wrong answer,you will get 0.72 rupees daily.

c) After that just take part in Math quiz so that you can earn another 0.72 rupees daily assured

d) You can also earn by referring people.You can earn 2.00 rupees for referring each people

e) The biggest earning opportunity in laaptu is quiz contest.You can earn 10 rupees every 15 have to fast as well as knowledgeable to make money in this contest.

                     >>>>>>>>>> SIGN UP LAAPTU >>>>>>>>>>

I also used some site which are fake as well as scam and the sites are ITS AMAZING TO KNOW, PICKZUP. M-GINGER.I am just saying ever never use this scam sites and stay away from this sites.

I will update soon more sites.I am working on those sites.If I get any free recharge site ,I will post it in my blog.


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