Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Html/Javascript option/widget is Not Working in Blogger [Fixed]

                                                               When we want to add some widget to our blogger blog,we use Html/Javascript option under layout option in blogger.It is a vital option in blogger.Without this you cant do nothing.Yesterday when I want to add widget using html/javascript option and click save option,the option is not loading and also save nothing.After that I was searching in google but that day was not my google day.Then I think it may be blogger problem.So I left that issue for that day.Next day I
found same problem.Now help of my good friend I fixed it.In below I am giving you the tutorial.

How I Fix My HTML/Javascript option In Blogger:

I am always use google chrome.Because it is faster than other.So I just reinstall google chrome and its works.

Step 1 >>> At first remove all history,extension,bookmarks from your google chrome browser.

Step 2 >>> Then go to control panel>programmes and feature and uninstall your google chrome

Step 3 >>> After that download Google Chrome and install it

Step 4 >>> Now sign in to your blogger account and go to html/javascript option.Now see it is working.

If you see this problem in other browser just reinstall your browser.I think it might help you.

If you have any question or suggestion regarding this post just comment below.Thanks for reading!

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