Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for Blogger Blog in 7 Steps

create facbook fan page for blogger blog
We all know about facebook fan page.So today I will show you how to create facebook fan page for your blogger blog.The reason behind creating facebook fanpage is, it will connect your blog to facebook.We all know facebook is the king of social networking site.So if we connect facebook with our blog then we will get good traffic from facebook.It will also popular your blog brand.

The more like you get the more popular your blog will and your blog will get traffic.This fan page also aware of your blog fan, whenever your blog will update with new stuff.So I must say, creating a facebook page is a better deal for your blogger blog.In below I am giving you step by step tutorial to creating the facebook page.Just follow this.

Step By Step tutorial to create a facebook fan page for blogger:

Step 1>>> At first go to 

crete facebook fan page for blogger blog

Step 2 >>> Then choose brand or product option and also choose category and your brand name.

crete facebook fan page for blogger blog

step 3>>> In category option choose website and give your blog name under brand name.

step 4>>> Then tick the I agree to facebook page terms and click get started option.

Step 5 >>> After that you will land about section.just write awesome about your page and also choose unique facebook web address to easily reach your fans

crete facebook fan page for blogger blog

Step 6>>> then upload your blog logo image in 180 x 180 and also add cover photo which size will be 851 x 315.

crete facebook fan page for blogger blog trickyhouse

Step 7 >>> Now your page is created.Now post whatever you want to post.

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