Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to Add Google Custom Site Search Widget to Blogger Blog In 6 Simple Steps

In this tutorial I will show you how to add Google custom site search widget to blogger blog in 5 simple steps.when a visitor come to our blog, he/she search for a valuable post, but finding a post in blog without a custom search is, finding a stone in a sea.So add this Google custom search widget box to your blogger blog.Point to note,after adding this widget my pageview also increasing.So I think it will also incrise your pageview to increase

your Seo.After adding this widget box it will show threaded result of your blog and you can also change it as your style.So below I am giving the steps make sure to follow all the steps correctly.So here we go.

Step By step Tutorial  To add a google custom search widget:

Here we mainly create a CSE (Custom Search Engine) for your blog to show only our blog search result.

Step 1>>> At first go to 

Step 2>>> Then click add option.

Step 3 >>> After that just give your blog URL to Sites to search option and also give your blog name to Name of the search engine.Then click create option.

Step 4 >>> then click get code option.You will see a code.Copy all the codes.

Step 5>>> Now sign in to your blogger account and then go to layout option and click add gadget and go to HTML/Javascript and paste all the codes.

Step 6 >>> Now click save option and that's it!!

Now move your google custom search widget as your desire location.

How to style My Google Custom Search Widget:

Sometime we want to customize and style our widget.So here is the tutorial to customize your google custom search widget.

Step 1 >>>  Again go to  and open your search engine.

Step 2 >>> Now go to Look And Feel option.You will see this option just below setup option.

Step 3>>> Now change Layout,Themes,colour whatever you want.

Step 4 >>> After you satisfied with your style just click save and get code option

Step 5 >>> Now you get the new customized google custom search code.

Step 6 >>> Now again go to your blogger account and paste the code to your HTML/Javascript and save it. That's it!! You are done!

If have any problem or suggestion just comment below.I will do my best to help you.Thanks for reading. :)


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    1. Thanks for the comment. I will try to give more tricky article time to time.

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