Saturday, February 15, 2014

How to Know the Current Status of Indian Railways Train


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             In this post I will show you how to find current status and location of Indian railways train in India.You also can find how much delay is your train through Internet.Its a easy way to know the current or running status of train at any place.The main advantage of this you will track your train easily And you will also know arrival and departure time easily

How To Know The Current Status:

There are mainly two best sites which can show you the current and exact location of train with delay time.This sites are



 I think this sites are best sites I found.

How to find train location on

Step 1 >>> First you have to go

Step 2 >>> Then click on Enter Tain Number then enter your train number

Step 3 >>> Then In right side you will see the date.Select date.

Note: Select the date when the train is started from station

Step 4 >>> Then click Get Running Status.You are done!

How to find train location on 2nd site:

Step 1 >>> At first go to the

Step 2 >>> Then click Enter train name/no and enter your train number

Step 3 >>> After that click Journey/Boarding/Arrival station and enter your arrival station

Step 4 >>> Then select date and you are done!

I always use because its easy to use.I recomended you to use this site.

If you have any problem or suggestion comment below.I will try my best to help you


  1. I can easily stay informed where train have reached by Running Status Indian Railways

  2. the shared information is absolutely helpful for indian rail travellers.

    but in market, some new portals like which has launched a lot of tools which are easy and convenient to use to check pnr status, Indian rail time table etc..

    It has very user friendly interface.

    1. Thank you pankaj for your helpful suggestion...:)

  3. Yes this post really help to any newbies
    I found another site for checking Train Running Status

    Hope this also help travellers


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