Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How To Add Read More Button To Blogger Post Without CSS

                     In this post I will show you how to add read more button or link to every blog post without any CSS or coding.Few days ago I was searching for this but unfortunately I found some complected codings which disturbed my blog theme but after some research I found it on blogger and its really easy than anything you try.I know you want this, OK so lets start.

Step By Step Tutorial To Add Read More To Blogger Post:

Its easy like water.You have to go to new post then write what you want then insert jump break after that.

You will see this jump break option in the upper bar.After apply see your blog post.You will see a read more button just below your blog post.

Importance of This read more button:

It will reduce the page load time and also increase the rank of your blog in search engine.

Its also give a nice look to your homepage.

How To Customize This Read More Button:

You can change it to continue reading or anything you want like mine. So how to do it?

Its also easy.

Step 1 >>>    Log in to Blogger then go to layout option

Step 2 >>>    You will find blog post in the middle of it.You will see a edit option just below this.Click that

Step 3 >>>    A gadget will appear and this is your post gadget.Now you can change the read more word and also change the number of post.

Step 4 >>>    Just save it and its done !!!

The tutorial is completed.Now you don't need any coding or CSS knowledge to add read more button to your blog post.

I think this post may help you.Thanks for reading. 


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