Friday, February 7, 2014

How To Add A Picture To Blogger Header

 In this post I will show you how to add or insert a image or picture to blogger header.It's good to add a picture instead of some text.It's boost your blog design and also make a professional look.So lets start.

Step By Step Tutorial To Add A Picture To Blogger Header:

Step 1 >>>  At first Sign in to your blogger account then go to Layout option.

Step 2 >>>  You will see a header option just below favcon then click edit 
option in the header

Step 3 >>>  After clicking edit option a header gadget pop up on the screen.

Step 4 >>>  Here you will see choose file option.Upload you blogger header picture from your computer by clicking choose file option.

Step 5 >>>  Then choose Instead of title and description

Step 6 >>>  Then click save option and its done!!!

Note: Your Blogger header picture will 760 pixel wide and 200 pixel high

Now your blog have a beautiful header picture which giving your blog a professional look.

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