Sunday, February 9, 2014

How To Add A Link To Blogger Blog

In this post I will show you how to add a link to blogger blog.Adding a link is quite easy.In this article you will get how to optimize your link to get higher search result your blogger blog.I am giving you the step by step guide.So lets start

Importance of customizing your link:

You make huge effort for your blog get traffic day by day.But when you adding a link of another blog you refer you visitor to that blog.This refer adding a extra value to that blog that's why that blog will get a extra point to see higher in search engine.

This type of link is called "Do follow link". Whenever we add a link to our blogger blog its always a "Do follow link".That means you giving a extra value to that link.

But we can convert our link to "No follow link" to stop giving this extra point.So our target is to convert all your external link to "no follow link"

Another thing we must forget to do is to "Open the link in another tab".Its another option that all your visitor love and also you can stay them to your blog for long time.

Step By Step Guide To Add A Link To Blogger:

Step 1 >> We all know how to add a link.By clicking the link option we can add a link.

Step 2 >> After clicking that link to option you will get some options

Step 3 >> Fill what text you display and the website.

Step 4 >> After complete this step look at just will see a option Open this link in a new window.Just tick it.

Step 5 >> another important option you will see is Add "rel=nofollow" attribute.Just tick it.

Step 6 >> Now just click Ok and you are done!

Note: Don't add no follow link to your blog interlinks.

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