Friday, January 10, 2014

Scary Facebook Ghost Profile Prank Trick

                                                                                         Today  I will show you a scary Facebook ghost profile prank trick. Really its a scary trick. Before I started this trick I want to share my story about this trick.

It was about midnight. As usual I am chatting with my friends.Suddenly one of my friend asked me, "Did you know a ghost is living in Facebook?".

Then I tell him, "are you want to scared me at

midnight?" Then He said "No buddy, really a ghost is living on Facebook. You wanna see that?

Then I tell him just bring it. After some time he sent me a link. Without thinking anything i just click that link. Then a deadly Facebook profile opened.

After that i was smiling because its a simple profile but believe me after waiting some time a ghost coming from a screen with a scary sound. A word came from my mouth Oh Shit!!!!! Really its scary.

But after that day I send it to my friends with a scary story. Then they said me its really scary buddy :)

Steps to Start This Trick:

First of all just go to this link ----->>>>

Then wait for a few second. You will see a ghost appeared on your screen with a scary sound. (Don't scared OK)

How to Prank Your Friend With This Tick:

Firstly Copy the above link.

Then Tell him a scary story.

Then paste the above link to your friends.

I am sure he/she will be really scared.


Try it in midnight specially on girls ;)

Don't try it on child  or heart patients.

I hope you like it. I know its scary but its good & interesting. If you have any problem or need any suggestion regarding this post then feel free to comment us below.

                                                ♥♥♥♥♥ Make smile and have fun ♥♥♥♥♥


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